Researching Teacher Education, Language and Literature (RETELL)

A research group of the English section at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen.

The main goal of the research group is to systematically investigate issues related to teacher education, language and literature in the field of English.

Members of the group examine these issues in a range of contexts and with reference to specific topics such as reading and writing skills, digital tools, traditional and new literacies, learner language, literature for children and young adults, and the impact of pre-service and in-service teacher education.

The research produced by RETELL is thus focused on obtaining knowledge that offers insight into language learning, linguistics and literature, and also on enhancing the competences of pre-service and in-service teachers of English in Norway.

Leader of research group

bilde av Zoltan Varga

Zoltan Varga

Associate Professor


Ongoing research projects

This research group is a part of the research program Languages, communication and learning.