Martin Padget
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Field of work

At HVL, I teach English literature and culture (American, British and World Literature in English). Most of my research and publications lie in three distinct yet overlapping areas of inquiry: studies of Western American literature and history, Indigenous studies, and the history of photography. I also research environmental approaches to the study and teaching of children's literature.

Over the course of my academic career in the UK, USA and Norway, I have taught over 50 undergraduate and graduate-level classes on multiple aspects of American, British and Postcolonial literature. I have supervised myriad Master's and PhD theses to completion, and I have served as external examiner of PhD students at leading UK universities (Durham, Edinburgh, Warwick, etc).

Courses taught

GLU 1-7 (Literature and culture)

GLU 5-10 (Literature and culture)

Master's thesis supervision

Research areas

Selected publications

Interdisciplinary studies of the American West

M. Padget, Indian Country: Travels in the American Southwest, 1840-1935 (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2004), 288 pages

M. Padget, “The Southwest and Travel Writing,” in The Cambridge Companion to American Travel Writing, ed. Alfred Bendixter (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009), 78-100

M. Padget, "Claiming, Corrupting, Contesting: Reconsidering 'The West' in Western American Literature," American Literary History 10.2 (1998): 378-392

Indigenous studies

M. Padget, "Hopi Film, the Indigenous Aesthetic and Environmental Justice: Victor Masayesva, Jr.'s Paatuwaqatsi - Water, Land and Life," Journal of American Studies 47.2 (2013): 363-84

M. Padget, "Native American Literature," in H. Grice, C. Hepworth, M. Lauret & M. Padget, Beginning Ethnic American Literatures (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2000

History of Photography

M. Padget, Photographers of the Western Isles (Edinburgh: John Donald, 2010), 320 pages

M. Padget, "Native Americans, the Photobook and the Southwest: Ansel Adams' and Mary Austin's Taos Pueblo," in Writing with Light: Words and Photographs in American Texts, ed. Mick Gidley (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010), 19-42 - This essay was awarded the Arthur Miller Prize for best article of 2010 by the British Association for American Studies.

Research groups