Field of work

I am interested in English linguistics, sociolingustics and language learning. My PhD-project focuses on the development of metalinguistic awareness and the conncetions between metalinguistic awareness and English competence. My project is connected to MetaLearn - Education for Plurilingualism: Metalinguistic Awareness in early instructed language learning.

Research areas
  • Metalinugistic awareness
Research groups


  • Språkbevissthet at elementary school - the what and the how

    Bader, Monika, Möller-Omrani, Christine, Haugen, Kaja (2023)
  • Assessing metalinguistic awareness in primary school

    Möller-Omrani, Christine, Haugen, Kaja, Bader, Monika (2023)
  • Metalinguistic awareness and English proficiency in early instructed language learning

  • Utdanning for flerspråklighet: Metaspråklig bevissthet i tidlig språklæring i skolen (MetaLearn)

  • Education for plurilingualism: Metalinguistic awareness in early instructed language learning (MetaLearn)

    Haugen, Kaja, Möller-Omrani, Christine Erna Elisabeth, Bader, Monika, Borg, Simon, Carlsen, Cecilie Hamnes, Halverson, Sandra Louise (2022)
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