Analyzing and assessing linguistic multicompetence (AALM)

The research group comprises expertise under the broad category of language studies, including more specifically linguistics, second/foreign language acquisition (SLA/FLA), multilingualism and translation studies.

The scholars participating in the group share a common starting point in empirical studies of bi-/multilingual language production and in the development of research methods.

The overarching goals of this research group are to provide empirical studies of linguistic multicompetence, to investigate its manifestation in a range of production modes, and to relate these findings to applied settings, i.e. language teaching and/or translation and interpreting.

Ongoing projects

Head of research group



AALM currently collaborates with HVL’s research group RETELL and UiB’s Multilingualism on my mind (MoM). 

This research group is a part of the research program Languages, communication and learning.