Associate Professor

Christine Erna Elisabeth Möller-Omrani

Field of work

English linguistics and educational linguistics, second language acquisition, metalinguistic awareness, bi- and multilingualism/plurilingualism, bilingual education/CLIL, immersion teaching, text- and discourse analysis, teacher and student teacher cognition.


Current main project (project coordinator): MetaLearn

MetaLearn - Education for plurilingualism: Metalinguistic awareness in early instructed language learning (2020-2024, financed by the Research Council of Norway (FINNUT))



  • Using translation tasks to assess and promote young learners’ metalinguistic awareness

    Bader, Monika, Halverson, Sandra Louise, Möller-Omrani, Christine (2023)
  • Language awareness in primary school EFL lessons: teachers' cognitions and practices

    Bader, Monika, Möller-Omrani, Christine, Borg, Simon (2023)
  • Å se sammenhenger mellom engelsk og andre språk elevene kan: muligheter og utfordringer

    Bader, Monika, Möller-Omrani, Christine, Borg, Simon (2023)
  • Fostering the students’ plurilingual competence through translation tasks

    Bader, Monika, Möller-Omrani, Christine, Halverson, Sandra Louise (2023)
  • Språkbevissthet at elementary school - the what and the how

    Bader, Monika, Möller-Omrani, Christine, Haugen, Kaja (2023)
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