Language and Society

Research group under the ‘Languages, Communication and Learning-programme’ at the Faculty of Education, Arts and Sports.

The members' research ranges widely, from sociolinguistics, second language theory, language policy, test theory and computer linguistics via children's language development, second language learning in adults, Norwegian spoken languages and Norwegian sign language, to historical linguistics, literacy and studies of language and language use in a historical and comparative perspective.

What is common is a broad and interdisciplinary interest in how language, at different times and in different ways, is used, learned and assessed in the society that surrounds the linguistic practices. 

Together, the research group members have contributed very many publications to various research fields. The members of the group are represented in international research networks and regularly participate in international conferences and in international publications, thereby contributing both to making HVL known outside Norway and to bringing international impulses to HVL.

bilde av Petter Haugereid

Petter Haugereid

Head of research group

This research group is a part of the research program Languages, communication and learning.