Field of work

My research is on language variation and change and language acquisition, and I am particularly interested in social and societal conditions for linguistic practices and language change. In the period 2021-2025 I manage the research project IMPECT, which aims to gain insights into the consequences that language and KoS requirements for citizenship have for adult migrants with little prior formal schooling and limited literacy. 

  • Project manager for IMPECT  (Financed by NFR, Fripro - Young research talents).

Current research projects:

    • IMPECT - Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants with Poor Education and the Consequences of Migration Tests (Financed by NFR, Fripro - Young research talents)
    • L’indialetto ha la faccia scura. Grunnskoleelevers beskrivelser av språklige statushierarki. PM in cooperation with Bodil Moss (HVL)
    • Sustainable language practices in Norwegian Kindergartens, PM in cooperation with Carola Kleemann (UiT-Norges Arkiske Universitet


Courses taught

Norwegian language, first and second language acquisition and didactics

Research areas

  • Sociolinguistics
  • Language variation and change
  • Language variation and conditions for language acquisition kindergarten contexts
  • Second language acquisition (particularly LESLLA learners)
  • Faroese 



  • Språkkrav for statsborgerskap og hvordan de begrunnes.

    Carlsen, Cecilie Hamnes, Bugge, Edit (2021)
  • Ord som forsvinner og ord som kommer til

    Bugge, Edit (2020)
  • Sosiolingvistisk undersøkelse av talemålsvariasjon og dialektendring

    Bugge, Edit (2020)
  • Ordlæring når norsk er andrespråket

    Carlsen, Cecilie Hamnes, Bugge, Edit (2020)
  • Fører strengere språkkrav til bedre integrering?

    Carlsen, Cecilie Hamnes, Svendsen, Jonas, Hamidi, Hasti, Monsen, Marte, Bugge, Edit (2020)
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