Associate Professor

Gro Hege Saltnes Urdal

Field of work

I teach and conduct research on Norwegian sign language, interpreting and education of interpreters. I am interested in how intersubjectivity /a common understanding is created in an interpreted event, and the relation between the interpreter education, the interpreter profession and the society in general. In the period 2021-2025 I manage the research project DEPICT together with Benjamin Anible. In DEPICT we investigate how depiction is used in signed languages, and in interpreted events, to promote inclusion and communication.

Sign language and interpreting, community interpreting

Courses taught

Signlanguage interpreting

Deafblind interpreting

The process of producing a BA-thesis

Interpreter ethics

Research areas
  • DEPICT - depiction in interpreted situations
  • Deaf students' experience as sign language interpreting students 
  • Deaf interpreters and market
  • Interpreter trainers as agents of change
  • Remote interpreting - students' learning and development
Research groups

Sign Language, Interpreting, Lingvistics and Communication

Language and society

Selected publications

  • Fjerntolking - Ansvar, fordeler og utfordringer, koordinering, metakommunikasjon og samarbeid

    Urdal, Gro Hege Saltnes (2024)
  • Challenges in the market - from the perspectives of qualified interpreters

    Johnsen, Åse, Urdal, Gro Hege Saltnes (2023)
  • Unpacking the complexity of video-remote interpreting

    Urdal, Gro Hege Saltnes, Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle (2023)
  • Depiction and Intersubjectivity for Cross-Linguistic Interpreting in Times of Crisis

    Price, Julie Anna, Urdal, Gro Hege Saltnes, Trengereid-Olsen, Elisabet (2023)
  • DEPICT - Sign language Depiction as an Engine for Promoting Inclusion, Communication and Translation

    Parkins-Maliko, Natasha, Tiselius, Elisabet, Urdal, Gro Hege Saltnes (2023)