Creative learning

What is the significance of exploration and play in children’s lives? How do we learn a new language? And what methods can be used in a classroom to ignite students’ creativity? These are some of the questions posed by our researchers in the field of learning and education.

Selected research groups and researchers

bilde av Elin Eriksen Ødegaard

Elin Eriksen Ødegaard

I research early childhood education in kindergartens. My areas of expertise are infants and children´s lives, play and exploration and staff development. I work closely with local and national authorities on pedagogical innovations and collaborative and transformative practices across silos, and with international networks for the creation of more sustainable societies.

bilde av Vigdis Vangsnes

Vigdis Vangsnes

My main research interest is teaching, mainly related to aesthetic learning processes and digital media in all disciplines. The research ranges from studies on professional development in teacher education and how to build reflected professional teaching repertoires, to sustainable digital practices in kindergartens.

bilde av Kari Mette Holdhus

Kari Mette Holdhus

I work in music education, and my research fields are creative pedagogies, pedagogical improvisation and arts education. I have for a long time been involved in research concerning artistic visits in schools, especially focusing on artist-teacher partnerships. For the time being I am exploring future possibilities and challenges for generalist music teacher education in Norway.

bilde av Edit Bugge

Edit Bugge

I study language variation and change, as well as language acquisition among adults and children. I am particularly interested in the social and political conditions for linguistic practices. Currently, I focus specifically on language requirements for citizenship, and their consequences for adult migrants with limited literacy.