Play, Games and Participatory Learning

The main purpose for the research group is to develop research cooperation and research competence aimed at the practice field and teacher training with a view to develop more diverse and activating ways of learning for students.

bilde av Tor-Helge Allern

Tor-Helge Allern

Head of research group

bilde av Adam Cziboly

Adam Cziboly

Deputy head

The research group is an interdisciplinary composed group within pre-school teacher and teacher training. The main purpose for the research group is to develop research cooperation and research competence aimed at the practice field and teacher training with a view to develop more diverse and activating ways of learning for students.

The research group covers several and different research projects, and many of the members of this group also participate in project including researchers outside the university and in international projects.

Some of the topics for the research group:

  • Improving teaching and learning of mathematics by developing and using a new methodology; Theatre in mathematics
  • Change of communication patterns in the teaching of mathematics through applied drama
  • Play, dialogue and change of dialect
  • Development of acting competence among children and young people
  • Participatory theatre
  • Creativity, teaching and learning
  • Physical activity in teaching and learning
  • Migration and Theatre

The research group works on many levels. The basis for the cooperation is to strengthen the quality within research through sharing of experiences, research-design, and critical, constructive cooperation in different phases og research projects art artistic research.



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This research group is part of the research program Practice, Professionalism and Policy in Educational Research (PUF)