Educational research in health and social sciences professions

Educational research is defined as: «Teaching and learning, the content and forms of assessment of the educations, professional education and professional practice, management, leadership and organization of the education sector and the role of the education system in society and working life».

Our overall goal is to conduct educational research in health and social care professions to:

  • Develop new knowledge of high quality and relevance
  • Ensure and improve the quality of education
  • Contribute to renewal and contribute to innovation for the field of education and practice
  • Examine life course perspectives by following students from the beginning of the educational course to later in working life
  • Our projects focus on how we can ensure that future health and social workers are equipped to meet challenges in society and working life

We have projects within simulation, e-learning/mobile learning, interprofessional collaboration, mammography education and internationalization. 

Head of research group

bilde av Nina Rydland Olsen

Nina Rydland Olsen

Head of Section