Head of Section

Maria Nordheim Alme

Field of work

Head of section at Section global health and rehabilitation 

I have a background in neuroscience (UiB and University of Virginia) and have previously taught physiology here at HVL. Now Im head of Section Global Health and Rehabilitation Section, which is an interdisciplinary section at the Department of Health and Functioning. I work specifically with competence building for today's societal needs, migration and ageing. An important aspect of this is how we structure education to ensure that we can build skills where needed. This involves decentralisation, interantionalisation, digitalisation, flexibility, assessment methods and contact with practice and civil society.

I lead the projects "Health equity through education for a sustainable society, HEQED", Erasmus+, "Decentralized education for health professionals", Hkdir and EMDM Master in health Equity (Erasmus Mundus Design Measures). I was the leader of the Eramus+ project "Physiotherapy and Refugees Education Project, PREP", 2018 - 2021.

Recent publications: 

At Section for Global Health and Rehabilitation, we carry out the master's programme "Master healthy ageing and rehabilitation" and the continous learning programme "Health, migration and ageing", which is a programme customised for flexible and decentralised education. Our research is also focused at ageing and migration. These are the two largest reasons for the demographic changes we have globally and in Norway, and we are particularly interested in understanding how we can handle these changes in the future. 

People in the section
Maria Nordheim Alme, fagseskjonsleiar, førsteamanuensis
Yaliso Yaya Balla, førsteamanuensis
Mariya Stoyanova Bikova, førsteamanuensis
Alemayehu Hailu. førsteamanuensis 
Djenana Jalovcic, førsteamanuensis
Mike Landry, professor
Hanne Tuntland, dosent
Graziella Van den Bergh, førsteamanuensis
Esperanza Diaz, professor II


Courses taught

I am involved as a supervisor and evaluator in most courses in the master's programme "Healthy ageing and rehabilitation".

I am the programme coordinator for the continuing education programme "Health, migration and ageing" where I am responsible for the courses.

  • HMA803: Me as a leader
  • HMA804: Leadership Theory in Rehabilitation
  • HMA805: Group leadership within rehabilitation
  • HMA806: Effect of migration on health
  • HMA807: Central Theory of Migration Health
  • HMA808: Migration, Health System and Health Needs

In addition, I am involved in physiology teaching at the department when needed. 

Research areas


  • The new elderly - development and organization of equal municipal services (project leader)
  • Erasmus Mundus Design Measures, 2023 - 2024 (coordinator) 
  • Decentralised continous education for health personell (2022 - 2026, hkdir, leader of the project)
  • HEQED (Health Equity in Education for a sustainable society, 2021 - 2024, Erasmus+, coordinator) 
  • PREP IP (2021 - 2024) and PREP (2018 - 2021, coordinator), Erasmus+ https://prosjekt.hvl.no/prep/ 
  • Global Perception on Healthy Aging
  • Health service for survivors of torture


Research groups

Selected publications

  • Hva er gange?

    Bovim, Lars Peder Vatshelle, Alme, Maria Nordheim, Bogen, Bård Erik (2023)
  • A Pedagogical Approach for an Equitable Online Learning Ecosystem: Health Equity through Education Project

    Jalovcic, Djenana, Van Wijchen, Joost, Wikström-Grotell, Camilla, Alme, Maria Nordheim (2023)
  • International and interprofessional online learning: Three challenges in implementation of Master in Healthy Ageing and Rehabilitation

    Jalovcic, Djenana, Van den Bergh, Graziella , Alme, Maria Nordheim, Bikova, Mariya Stoyanova, Landry, Michel, Tuntland, Hanne Kristin (2023)
  • Built Environment Accessibility and Disability as Predictors of Well-Being among Older Adults: A Norwegian Cross-Sectional Study

    Forster, Grace Katharine, Aarø, Leif Edvard, Alme, Maria Nordheim, Hansen, Thomas, Nilsen, Thomas Sevenius, Vedaa, Øystein (2023)
  • Borten Moe, løft blikket!

    Alme, Maria Nordheim, Jalovcic, Dzenana, Landry, Michel, Balla, Yaliso Yaya, Van den Bergh, Graziella, Tuntland, Hanne (2022)