Associate Professor

Maria Nordheim Alme

Field of work

I mainly teach physiology at the undergraduate level, but I am also involved in the teaching of physiology / anatomy at the other undergraduate programs at IHF and some at the master level. I have a background from research in neuroscience and neuroimmunology from UiB, Haukeland University Hospital and the University of Virginia.

Research and research interests: Inclusivity in health and education, neuroscience, physical activity and immune function, public health, immunology, genetics, education.

 If you want to write a bachelor's thesis, a master's thesis or apply for a PhD for some of these topics or projects I am involved in, contact me for a chat.

Courses taught

  • Teaches physiology and anatomy with special expertise in neuroscience, immunology, genetics, muscle- and training physiology.

Research areas

  • Physiotherapy and Refugees Education Project, PREP. This project is a collaboration between seven HEI and health institutions in Europe and is a KA2 strategic partnership project (3,2 mill NOK). We have one master student in the project, and in 2020 we have 8 bachelor students working on this project. 4 are from HAN University and 4 are from HVL (both occupational therapy and physiotherapy). See more on the project website
  • Neuroscience related to projects on: 1) The role of oxygen in CNS repair and 2) ADHD and reading disabilities (partner in these projects)
  • Systems for Inclusive Education, SINE. This is a project in its start phase and is a collaboration between European HEIs and organisations. We are seeking funding via KA3 erasmus+ program and have started the project on own funding. The goal is to create systems that are inclusive towards all learners within the health care profession education.
  • Physical Activity and Resilience in Aging, PARA. This is a project in two parts. Part 1 is funded without exteranl funding and is focusing on physical activity and health promoting programs for older adults, mainly at Helathy life centres. Part 2 depends on external funding and in this part of the project we aim to udnerstand more about how physical state and physical activity related to specific immune mecahnisms. In 2020 we have 6 bachelor stduents working on part 1 of this project.
  • Im inovlved in projects around education: 1) how to create learning landscapes to promote learning in complexity and 2) Evaluation on online learning/teaching strategies

Research groups