Doubts about passing practical placement

Information for students at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences about routines in case of doubt as to whether the practice has been passed or not.

If there is any doubt that you will pass the practice

If there is doubt as to whether you will achieve the learning outcomes and pass the practice period, and the doubt arises before you are halfway through the practice period, you must be notified in writing.

The notification must specify which learning outcomes you have not achieved so far in practice. The notification must also state how to achieve the learning outcomes in order to pass the practise. It must also show the learning outcomes achieved so far in practise.

You will be offered a meeting with the supervisor and the university. You will receive answers to questions related to the notification and the consequences if you do not pass the practice. The meeting will take place at a time during the practical period which gives you the opportunity to demonstrate satisfactory practice. No later than three weeks before the end of the practical period. For practice periods of five weeks or less, the meeting must take place halfway through the period.

Minutes of the meeting must be written. You will have the opportunity to comment on this.

Download the form for notification about the risk of not passing the practical placement


  • Section 10-7. In case of doubt as to whether the student passes the practical training

Cases where a failed internship is given without prior notice:

Note in particular that:

  • Section 10-8, the poor performance becomes obvious once half of the practice period has been completed, or at a time when a notice would normally be issued for the practical training in question in the education programme.
  • According to section 10-9, (1) If a student during their practice period has displayed actions or conduct that pose a possible risk to life, physical and mental health for those who have been in contact with the student; the practice period will immediately be terminated, without prior notice. In such circumstances, the student will be assessed as failed.