Detailed invoice information for suppliers3

Our online invoice address is the same as our organisation number and a landcode: 0192:917641404. This address supports the PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 standard and must be used.

If the supplier is not able to send the invoice electronically, the invoice can be sent through our Invoice Registration Form.

So that your invoices and reminders can be handled without issue or delay, they must satisfy the following requirements. We ask that the suppliers take responsibility for this.

  • Invoices for orders made through the electronic ordering system will contain an order number, for example: 300100729. The order number can be found in the "Order Number" field (the XML tag: Invoice/OrderReference/ID).
  • Invoices for orders not made through the electronic ordering system will contain: 
    • 6-digit orderer-code, for example: 304150. The orderer-code will be provided in the "Buyer's Reference/Your Reference" field (XML tag: Invoice/BuyerReference). The sales-person at the university will provide you with an orderer-code when he/she places the order for your goods/services. If the salesperson does not provided this, please request it.
    • Name of the orderer can be found in the "Buyer's contact person" field (XML tag: Invoice/ AccountingCustomerParty/Party/Contact/Name).

The invoice will be addressed to the Western Norway University of Applied Science. This means that the invoice shall not be address to an employee, nor shall it be sent the employee's own email address.

Unless otherwise specified, please allow the Western Norway University of Applied Science a 30-day payment period.