Qality in education

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences should be attractive, close to the students and known for quality in education. The Faculty of Health and Social Sciences offers a large study portfolio with several programs from bachelor to PhD.

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Framework and quality assurance system for educational programmes


The work with educational quality is led by the vice Dean for education and followed up by the departements and sections management, and the study program management.

21 study program councils have been established in connection with our bachelor's and master's programs. The study program council is central in the work with quality in the educations.

Continuing education in the faculty is included in the relevant study program council.

Quality in course plan

Course development are based on experience, dialogue and evaluation results. Information on quality in the course is obtained from these sources:

  • Reference group meeting or class meeting in the middle of the course. Students write minutes from these meetings.
  • Anonymous final evaluation at the end of the course.
  • Final evaluation of the course, either with a course report from the course coordinator and / or with a final dialogue meeting with all course coordinators in the study program. The final evaluation provides a basis for proposals for changes in the course and / or study program.

The time for when the individual course will carry out the various activities is determined by the study program council. Minutes from these meetings, course reports and summaries from anonymous course evaluation are in SharePoint under the individual department.

The course coordinator ensures that the evaluation is carried out and that documentation of the quality work is sent to the section leader.

The head of section ensure that the documentation is available in SharePoint so that the students have access to documents in Canvas.

Courses across the faculty

The master course «Science theory, Ethics and Method» is a common subject for all master's programs at the faculty. Evaluation of this course is carried out by the course coordinator on the individual study program and send to the program coordinator, who must follow the ordinary routine for course evaluation.

Minutes and reports are handed over to the Education Committee if necessary.

Quality in study program

The study program council determine the form of follow-up for the study program. All study programs at the faculty should include regular meetings with a student union representative as part of the follow-up to the study program.

The head of section is responsible for the students choosing a student representative and deputy representatives in all cohorts.

Documentation from quality work at study program level is obtained from these sources:

  • Student union election meeting is recommended as a regular meeting point at least once every quarter semester between union-elected students and the subject section leader / study program manager. The head of department can attend these meetings. Minutes are stored in Sharepoint.
  • The study program council has 2-3 meetings every quarter of a year. The study program council shall advise the head of section and faculty on the development of the quality of the study program and the learning environment. Minutes from these meetings are stored in Sharepoint. Key issues dealt with by the Study Program Council are:
    - choice of follow-up form
    - review and follow-up of the Study Barometer and other student and candidate surveys
    - revision of syllabi and study programs
  • Collaborative meetings with practice is conducted at all bachelor's and some master's studies. Minutes from these meetings should also be posted in Sharepoint.

The head of section is responsible for following up the documentation from the systematic work with quality in the study program.

Annual assessment of quality in the study portfolio

The faculty annually assesses the study portfolio and forwards the case of the study offer to the university college management. The faculty incorporates measures to develop individual study programs in plans at department or faculty level.