Getting to Førde

Express buses leave from Oslo and Bergen several times a day. The trip from Oslo takes approx. 9 hours. The trip from Bergen takes approx. 4 hours. 

The airport in Førde provides for easy air access from Oslo and Bergen several times a day. From the airport, it is a 20-minute bus drive with the airport express bus to Førde city centre. 

From Bergen you may also get the express boat to Sogndal (approx. 5 hours), and then bus to Førde (2 hours). 

Note! You should bring the Letter of Admission with you when you arrive in Norway. You may use this to get student discount on buses and airplanes within Norway on your way to Førde.

Please inform the Student Welfare Organisation about the day and time of your arrival. A representative will meet you and show you to your student home.