Students outside the servicecentre at campus Stord

Facilities and services at Stord

Computer and internet access

Stord campus has modern learning facilities such as computer labs and fixed and wireless Internet access. All students have access to their own domain within the University of Applied Sciences' computer network. User access will be granted as soon as you have registered as a student with us.


We have a modern and well equipped library, which offer services to both staff and students. At the library you will find books and periodicals in Norwegian and English, both curriculum literature and specialising literature. The library at campus Stord offers a wide range of music CDs. The library offers comprehensive database resources and places to study. In addition, the library has computers that students may use and facilities for scanning/copying/printing.

Group rooms and reading room

We have several group rooms and reading rooms for students, varying in size. During the exam period, we provide extra reading rooms.


Campus Stord has a fully equipped nursing lab for students to practice their skills in a setting similar to a hospital.

Music rooms

Stord campus offers several practice rooms for students who wish to practice an instrument, in groups or privately.

Arts and Crafts working space

Stord campus has art and crafts rooms for students studying art subjects. The rooms are available for students at all time, but some machines require a certificate.

Lecture theatres and classrooms

Our lecture theatres and classrooms seat 15-400 people. All the lecture theatres have computer-based audio-visual equipment and so do most of the class rooms. Several of the lecture theatres have the necessary equipment to stream lectures.

Facilities and services for special needs students

Stord campus is accessible for wheelchair users and has ample parking for students with special needs. Most of the buildings are modern and well-equipped with features such as automatic doors and elevators. The Department of academic affairs helps facilitate good learning and examination conditions for students with disabilities. For additional information please contact the student counsellor.

Student counsellor

If you have personal concerns such as anxiety, stress, lack of motivation or relationship problems you may wish to see a counsellor. Your discussion will be confidential and free of charge. If you need a referral, we have a network of contact persons at campus Stord concerning student welfare and other social and practical matters.

Academic guidance

Academic Advisers for each study programme are available to discuss concerns, answer questions and give advice about different aspects of studying with us. The academic adviser can also answer questions in relation to exams, give non-academic guidance if needed, give information on support services available or help with specific recognitions and diploma queries. We offer advice and guidance throughout the whole study period at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Student Welfare organisation

As a student at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, you will automatically become a member of our Student Welfare Organisation. The Student Welfare Organization offer services to make student life as smooth as possible, so students can focus on their studies. In order to do this, it offers several services to students at Stord Campus; student accommodation, student café, student bookstore and gym facilities. In addition, the Welfare Organization provides financial support for student organisations, engages in preventive health care and provides financial support to students with major health expenses. The aim is to cover the students' basic needs and reach those groups of students who have the greatest need for welfare services.


We have gym and shower facilities in the basement of one of the buildings at Stord campus. Whether you prefer lifting weights, a hefty session on the cross trainer, or an aerobics class: we have something for you.


The cafeteria has student prices and offers a variety of fresh food - both hot and cold meals, cakes, candy, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cold drinks. The friendly staff will serve you delicious food, so no need to worry about feeling hungry during your study period at campus Stord.


The student accommodation is located on campus, within walking distance of all university facilities.

Health Station for students

Students at Stord campus have access to a health station for students, where you may meet with a nurse or psychologist free of charge. The health station is located in Leirvik centre, only a few kilometres away from campus and confidentiality is naturally guaranteed.


Students at Stord campus may apply to have their children in any of the local public or private kindergartens.


At Stord campus there are several large parking spaces. The parking is free for both staff and students. There are several parking spaces reserved for charging of electric cars.

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