Students downhill skiing

Student organisations on Stord

Studentersamfundet Stord

Studentersamfundet Stord runs the student pub (Granheim) which is located on campus, and is responsible for daily operations and maintenance. They arrange quiz nights, concerts, theme-parties, and game-nights. They try to hire various bands, and in that way provide something for everyone. Theme parties are being held about once a month with different themes every time.

Råmund Sports Association

Råmund Sports Association offers students the opportunity to participate in different kinds of sports together with other people who want to exercise in the spirit of sports. They currently offer football/soccer, volleyball, funk, cat slide and aerobic.


StudKick is an organization that works specifically towards providing students at Stord/Haugesund beautiful and memorable trips with focus on nature and outdoors activities. Their tours are varied and they aim to have trips where anyone can attend anything.

Student Scuba club

This club is comprised of active students with a passion for diving. If you are a diver yourself, or would like to become one, you are more than welcome to join. As a member of the student scuba club, you will be able to borrow scuba equipment for free (stored in Haugesund), and at the same time get to join in on the many trips and activities the club arranges in and around Haugesund.

International Students' Union (ISU Haugesund)

Although mainly based in Haugesund, students at Stord campus are also welcome to join. The club focuses on the social, academic and political interests of all international students studying in Norway. It is an independent, democratic, non-profit, non-partisan organisation run for and by international students. However, Norwegian students are members as well – they don't discriminate against local students.

Students on a sailboat
Divers under water
Students showing different types of sports and activites in the student organization StudKick