Sustainable Energy and Environment

In addition to meeting current and future energy needs in a sustainable way, we need to develop new sustainable energy technologies and solutions that are more efficient and environmentally friendly, such as hydrogen and battery technologies and offshore wind.

Collaboration partners

Trough collaboration with clusters and businesses, we work together to deliver relevant and up-to-date competence in a fast-moving field. Here you find some of our selected collaboration partners.

Arena Proptech Innovation

Proptech Innovation is a Norwegian business cluster in the construction and real estate industry. Our goal is to make Norway`s largest onshore industry smart and sustainable, and to export enabling technologies to the world.

Arena VIA

Vital Infrastructure Arena (VIA) contributes to the development of secure, smart, and sustainable transportation infrastructure for the global market. The cluster works to promote new technology and new solutions. VIA is an important organ that paves the way for innovation and collaboration-based development by connecting HVL with partners across traditional industries and sectors.

Sustainable Energy Norwegian Catapult Centre

Sustainable Energy Norwegian Catapult Centre is a driving force for green innovation and the transition to more climate and environment friendly energy sources. The Sustainable Energy Catapult Centre imparts knowledge in all stages of an innovation process and connects expertise from facility owners and other technology companies with research environments such as at HVL.

Energiomstilling Vest

HVL, UiB, NHH and Norce join forces in the cluster Energiomstilling Vest, which was launched in 2019. Together they cover a wide range of the expertise needed to for the energy transition. Energiomstilling Vest also works together with businesses, policymakers, public management, and society at large to create a green future for the energy and industry nation Norway. Energy transition affects all areas of society. Research and education, cross sector cooperation and interdisciplinary knowledge is crucial for achieving a zero-emission society.

Research Collaboration

bilde av Advanced Nanomaterials for Clean Energy and Health Applications (ANCEHA)

Advanced Nanomaterials for Clean Energy and Health Applications (ANCEHA)

The research group ANCEHA is conducting research on advanced nanomaterials for photovoltaic and water splitting applications, energy storage, tissue engineering applications and on energy policy and management.