Liv Aileen Osland


  • Life at the frontiers: Social mobility, migration and integration. A short presentation of central housing, labour and educational structures for immigrants in Norway.

    Osland, Liv Aileen (2020)
  • House price valuation of environmental amenities: An application of GIS-derived data

    Osland, Liv Aileen, Östh, John, Nordvik, Viggo (2020)
  • House price valuation of environmental amenities. An application of GIS-derived data.

    Osland, Liv, Östh, John, Nordvik, Viggo (2020)
  • On an Equal Footing? Comparing Commuting Patterns Across Space and Gender

    Bohman, Helena, Jandric, Maja, Osland, Liv (2019)
  • Capitalization of neighbourhood diversity and segregation

    Nordvik, Viggo, Osland, Liv, Thorsen, Inge Heldal, Thorsen, Ingrid Sandvig (2019)
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