Ole Bjørn Rekdal

Selected publications

  • Akademisk mytemakeri

    Rekdal, Ole Bjørn (2015)
  • Academic citation practice: A sinking sheep?

    Rekdal, Ole Bjørn (2014)
  • Academic urban legends

    Rekdal, Ole Bjørn (2014)
  • Monuments to academic carelessness: The self-fulfilling prophecy of Katherine Frost Bruner

    Rekdal, Ole Bjørn (2014)
  • Changing policies and their influence on government health workers in Tanzania 1967-2009: Perspectives from rural Mbulu District

    Bech, Margunn Margrete, Lawi, Yusufu Q., Massay, Deodatus Amadeus, Rekdal, Ole Bjørn (2013)