Geir Anton Johansen

Field of work

Professor in radiation physics/ measurement science with MSc- and PhD-degrees on radiation detectors and imaging systems, both at the Department of Physics at the University of Bergen. These systems were applied to image the atmospheric X-ray emission caused by the energetic particle precipitation from the sun around the earth’s magnetic poles. Since 1992 research on industrial measurement systems at the University of Bergen. Supervision of 40 MSc and PhD students. About 130 articles on radioisotope measurements on multiphase systems and particularly interested in high-speed tomographic imaging. Principal author of Radioisotope Gauges for Industrial Process Measurements published by Wiley in 2004. Founding member of the International Society for Industrial Process Tomographycand member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences. Co-initiator of Michelsen Centre on Industrial Measurement Science and Technology in Bergen which a official Norwegian Centre of Research driven Innovation. Extensive international network and visiting researcher at Tracerco, UK for one year (1998) and visiting professor at North Carolina State University, USA for one year (2005/06).