Associate Professor

Jena Lee Habegger-Conti

Field of work

English literature and culture

Courses taught

  • GLU 5-10 (literature and culture)
  • KFK 5-10 (literature and culture)
  • MAUND (Masters in Children's Literature)

Research areas

  • 20th c. American literature and culture
  • transcultural literacy
  • critical literacy
  • visual literacy
  • ICC / cultural awareness

Research groups

Selected publications

  • "Reading the Invisible in Marjane Satrapi’s Graphic Memoir Embroideries"

    Habegger-Conti, Jena (2019)
  • Transcultural Literacy: Reading the ‘Other,’ Shifting Aesthetic Imaginaries

    Habegger-Conti, Jena (2018)
  • Visual Representations of Indigenous Cultures in Norwegian EFL Textbooks

    Brown, Cecilie Waallann, Habegger-Conti, Jena (2017)
  • Critical Literacy in the ESL Classroom: Bridging the Gap between Old and New Media

    Habegger-Conti, Jena Lee (2015)