Associate Professor

Denise Christina Ruther

Field of work

I teach in the bachelor programme Geology and Geohazards and the international semester programme Geohazards and Climate Change. I have course responsibility for Sedimentology and Snow science and avalanches. My research falls within the field of Quaternary sedimentology and geomorphology and includes mass movement processes.

Courses taught

  • GE436 Sedimentology
  • GE448 Snow science and avalanches

Research areas

  • reconstruction of ice dynamics, deglaciation and mass movements
  • study of lacustrine and marine sedimentary archives
  • sediment delivery at palaeo ice-stream grounding lines
  • subglacial landforms preserved in the geological record; particularly those found under fast-flowing ice

Research groups

  • Member of the landslides research group
  • But my research also overlaps with topics covered by the reseach groups glacier and fjord

Selected publications

  • Grounding line proximal sediment characteristics at a marine-based, late-stage ice stream margin

    Rüther, Denise Christina, Winsborrow, Monica, Andreassen, Karin, Forwick, Matthias (2017)
  • Retreat patterns and dynamics of the former Bear Island Trough Ice Stream

    Andreassen, Karin, Bjarnadóttir, Lilja Rún, Rüther, Denise Christina, Winsborrow, Monica (2016)
  • Evolution of a high-latitude sediment drift inside a glacially-carved trough based on high-resolution seismic stratigraphy (Kveithola, NW Barents Sea)

    Rebesco, Michele, Özmaral, Asli, Urgeles, Roger, Accettella, Daniela, Lucchi, Renata G., Rüther, Denise Christina, Winsborrow, Monica, Llopart, Jaume, Caburlotto, Andrea, Lantzsch, Hendrik, Hanebuth, Till J.J. (2016)
  • Aligned glacitectonic rafts on the floor of the central Barents Sea

    Rüther, Denise Christina, Andreassen, Karin, Spagnolo, M. (2016)
  • Manual mapping of drumlins in synthetic landscapes to assess operator effectiveness

    Hillier, J.K., Smith, M. J., Armugam, R., Barr, I., Boston, C. M., Clark, C. D., Ely, J., Fankl, A., Greenwood, S. L., Gosselin, L., Hättestrand, C., Hogan, K., Hughes, Anna L.C., Livingstone, S. J., Lovell, H., McHenry, M., Munoz, Y., Pellicer, X.M., Pellitero, R., Robb, C., Roberson, S., Rüther, Denise Christina, Spagnolo, M., Standell, M., Stokes, C. R., Storrar, R., Tate, N. J., Wooldridge, K. (2015)