Field of work

I'm an engineer and designer based in Bergen, Norway, with a primary interest in human-centered design and engineering. My work focuses on discovering new methods to create things using robotics and computational design tools. In practice, I design and build machines, develop circuits and electronics, and write software across the stack. 


You can read more about me and my work at

Courses taught
  • ELE102 Programming and Microcontrollers
  • ADA525 Rapid Prototyping using Computational Tools
Research areas
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Interactive Systems 
  • Human Computer Interaction 
  • Computational Design 


  • Vespidae: A Programming Framework for Developing Digital Fabrication Workflows

    Fossdal, Frikk Hosøy, Nguyen, Vinh, Heldal, Rogardt, L. Cobb, Corrie, Peek, Nadya (2023)
  • Fabricatable axis: an approach for modelling customized fabrication machines

    Fossdal, Frikk Hosøy, Heldal, Rogardt, Dyvik, Jens, Rutle, Adrian (2022)
  • Interactive Digital Fabrication Machine Control Directly Within a CAD Environment

    Fossdal, Frikk Hosøy, Heldal, Rogardt, Peek, Nadya (2021)
  • Fabricatable Machines

    Fossdal, Frikk Hosøy, Dyvik, Jens (2020)
  • Fabricatable Machines: A Toolkit for Building Digital Fabrication Machines

    Fossdal, Frikk Hosøy, Dyvik, Jens, Nilsson, Jakob Anders, Nordby, Jon, Nordvik Helgesen, Torbjørn, Heldal, Rogardt, Peek, Nadya (2020)
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