Professor emeritus

Hans Jacob Roald

Field of work

Area of work and expertise
I was employed as a lecturer in urban planning at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Western Norway in 2018 in connection with the establishment of a master's in land and real estate.
I have a degree as civil architect at Norwegian Technical Highschool 1976 and a master in urbanism at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2004. In addition, I have completed the course Samplan arranged by the Ministry of the Environment in 1991, and fulfilled a course in Philosophy of Aesthetic and Philosophy of Science at the University of Bergen in 1994, as well as Coaching, at the Innland Norway University of Applied Sciences in 2010.
I have extensive professional experience as an architect in the architecture group Cubus (1976-86), as senior architect Bergen municipality (BK) (1987-92), chief / senior architect BK (1992-96, 1999-2000 and 2010-2018), senior advisor Nordic World Heritage Office – UNESCO (1996-99 and 2000-01), project leader for a Master Plan on urban development and conservation, Municipality of Oslo (2001-05) and head of the planning department Municipality of Fjell (2005-10).
My most important works as an architect are zoning plans for the renewal of the central parts of Bergen (Stølen-Ladegården Rothaugen), conservation of a group of listed wooden houses in the central parts of Bergen, and design of new recidental areas in Bergen (Sandalen / Sædalen) and in Ålesund (Arnahjellen), both about 50 units.
As public servant in the municipality of Bergen I have been in charge of plan for protection and urban design for the city center, a harbor plan, strategic plan for housing and framework for renewal of the public spaces (1992-96). I was in charge of a strategy for urban development and preservation for the inner zone of Oslo (2005). I the municipality of Fjell outside Bergen I had the responsibility for a revision of the municipal plan, planning program and zoning plan for the new regional center at Straume and planning program for a new national communication network between Bergen and Fjell municipalities. I have also been in charge of developing a GiS based strategy for densification for the central parts of Bergen central parts and a strategy for how to implement densification in established urban structures with focus on legal and economic tools in collaboration with Berit Nordahl OsloMet (2018). Both of the latter have been financed by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.
I have written the books:
Sustainable Historic Cities, a North-European Approach, Nordic World Heritage Office, UNESCO, 2000 ISBN 82-7950-027-8
BYPLANEN – A history of the development of Bergen city, Scandinavian Academic Press, c/o Spartacus academic press, 2010 and 2014 ISBN 978-82-304-0052-4
I have contributed to the following awards:
Bergen Architects Association's honorary award, as a member of the architect group Cubus, at the celebration of the association's 75th anniversary in 1984
The brick construction award in 1989 for the site Birkebeinergaten, in collaboration with arch. Bertram D. Brockmann in Cubus A.L. 1989
Housing and town planning award 1994, received on behalf of Bergen municipality for the turnaround of Bergen city center
Norsk Form's honorary award 1995, received on behalf of Bergen municipality
Statement of the Year 1997, honorable mention Norwegian Architects National Association, for the article "Architectural criticism - thank you", Morgenbladet
Housing and town planning award 2016, laid the urban planning foundation for the development of Straume center (the award was presented to Fjell municipality and Sartor Holding)

Courses taught

MOA 252 Site analyses and sustainable development 

Research areas
  • Urban site analyses
  • City planning history
  • Tool for implementing urban preservation and development


  • Film: En anna stad. Har vi mistet troen på at vakre omgivelser kan gjøre oss til bedre mennesker?

  • Rapport fra studietur Antwerpen Ghent

  • Byplanhistorie frem til år 2000

  • Hvordan GIS-baserte analyser kan gi nyttig kunnskap til krevende planprosesser for fortetting

    Roald, Hans Jacob, Andresen, Trygve, de Koning, Remco Elric, van Nes, Akkelies (2023)
  • Bergen sentrum, en blomstrende by eller kroken på døra

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