Joaquin Zenteno Hopp

Field of work

Joaquin’s work is about responsible innovation with a specific focus on industrial environmental governance. His main role is to entwine and understand the innovative sustainable efforts forged between Norwegian and Latin-American actors. The project in which he is currently involved is about innovation policy in the salmon farming industry in Chile and Norway.

Engineer in Socioeconomic Development & the Environment from Zamorano University and exchange at Texas A&M (2008). Master’s in Environmental Security from the United Nations University for Peace (2011) and Master’s in Society, Science and Technology from the University of Oslo (2019). He has experience within academia and NGOs in El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, The Galápagos Islands, Bolivia, and Norway. Additionally, he has studied or worked in Canada, USA, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Argentina, and Russia.

PhD Project: “My aim is to explore the diverse ways in which responsible innovation is addressed along different socioeconomic settings. I am testing Global Innovation Systems (GIS) as a conceptual framework by using empirical data from the salmon farming industry in Chile and Norway. Methodologically, my analysis is based on a network map built through data obtained from key documents and strategic interviews. My personal goal is to develop a better understanding about the interrelations in which different types of knowledge and valuations are developed within a complex reality.”

Research areas
  • Global Innovation Systems (GISs)
  • Global Innovation Networks (GINs)
  • Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI)
  • Industrial environmental governance in biosafety, climate security and financial transparency.
Research groups