PhD Candidate

Julia Noelle Winslow

Julia Noelle Winslow
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Field of work

PhD Research Fellow within Responsible Industry Innovation & Sustainable Transitions.

​​​​​MSc Environmental Management and Policy. 

Ph.D. Project

Over the past decade, circular economy principles have been increasingly included into national and sub-national sustainability policies. The terms ‘circular city’ and ‘circular region’ are often used to describe the circular economy model applied in a spatial-territorial dimension. These types of 'place labels' remain ambiguous in practice, as they are interpreted and operationalised in different ways, by different actors, driven by different goals. 

My PhD project draws on the fields of human geography, organisational theory and innovation studies in order to understand the role that identifying as a ‘circular city/region’ plays in advancing sustainability transitions.

Research areas

  • Responsible Innovation
  • Regional Development
  • Sustainability Transitions
  • Circular Economy

Research groups