Julie Anna Price
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Field of work

Ari Price (they/ she) is a PhD student in the Department of Language, Literature, Mathematics and Interpreting at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in working on the Signed Language “Depiction as an Engine for Promoting Inclusion, Communication, and Translation” (DEPICT) project. Their current research is focused on meaning-making in multilingual multimodal deaf migrant interactions in Norway.

They are involved in two research groups: Sign language, interpreting, linguistics and communication;  Language and Society.

Additionally, they are a co-organizer and facilitator of the Sign Language, Interpreting, Linguistics and Communication (Silc) Seminars for the Sign language, interpreting, linguistics and communication (TOLK) research group.


See more here: www.ari-price.com

Research areas

Sign Language, International Sign, Translanguaging, Cross-Signing, Multimodal Multilingualism, Meaning-Making


  • The Socio-Semiotics of International Sign: An innovative approach to translanguaging of Deaf migrants in Norway

    Price, Julie Anna (2023)
  • Semiological calibration in the translanguaging practices of deaf migrants in Norway

    Price, Julie Anna (2023)
  • Depiction and Intersubjectivity for Cross-Linguistic Interpreting in Times of Crisis

    Price, Julie Anna, Urdal, Gro Hege Saltnes, Trengereid-Olsen, Elisabet (2023)
  • DEPICT - Avbilding i tegnede språk, som en drivkraft for å fremme inkludering, kommunikasjon og oversettelse.

    Urdal, Gro Hege Saltnes, Anible, Benjamin , Torbjørnsen, Inger Birgitte, Trengereid-Olsen, Elisabet, Zorzi, Giorgia, Price, Julie Anna (2023)