Field of work

Violet Ka I Pun is currently associate professor in Software Engineering research group, at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and adjunct associate professor at the University of Oslo, associated to SIRIUS centre. Before that, she was a postdoctoral researcher in the research group Precise Modeling and Analysis at the University of Oslo and a senior lecturer at the University of Bergen. She received her PhD degree in Computer Science at the University of Oslo, and had her earlier education at the University of Macau.

Her major areas of expertise are using formal methods to verify the behaviour of concurrent programs, with the focus on statically estimating worst-case execution time and scheduling concurrent tasks running on scalable distributed systems, formal modelling and analysis of multicore architectures, as well as information flow analysis for concurrent programs. Recently, she is working on model-based business process planning with tool-supported and automated analyses in terms of formal methods. In addition, she is interested in digitalisation of healthcare domain, including data privacy and self-adapting patient treatments.

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Courses taught
  • DAT103 Datamaskiner og operativsystemer
  • DAT151: Database and Unix System Administration
  • INF214: Concurrent Programming
  • INF122: Functional Programming
  • INF4140: Models of Concurrency
  • INF2220: Algorithms and data structures
  • ECSS021: Computer Literacy