PhD Candidate

Kelvin Wade Ivankovic

Kelvin Wade Ivankovic
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Field of work

I have several years of work experience as an academic tutor and mentor, research assistant, and consultant in the entrepreneurship and impact management space. I am currently working as a PhD Research Fellow within Responsible Industry Innovation and Sustainable Transitions at the Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development, in Bergen.

Courses taught

I have experience teaching entrepreneurship and business management subjects. My current teaching areas include topics related to entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Research areas

My research interests include entrepreneurship, innovation, the digital economy, and B2B relationships. 

I have experience conducting both quantitative and qualitative research. I have been involved in research projects on board diversity and corporate social responsibility among South African JSE listed companies. Additionally, I have also conducted research on entrepreneurship in South African high schools, and on South African consumers’ perceptions towards the sharing economy for my honours and master’s theses, respectively.

My PhD Research Project

My PhD project: “The B2B sharing economy: Exploring the potential of B2B resource sharing for innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurial development” aims to explore how the sharing economy can meet social, economic, and environmental challenges in regional contexts.

The primary objective of this research project is to address a gap in the literature by exploring the B2B sharing economy from an entrepreneurial perspective to better understand the significance of these new business models for entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable business practices.

The research results from this study are outlined in the following three articles: 1) Making sense of the B2B sharing economy; 2) Sharing economy business models: an entrepreneur and SME perspective; 3) The B2B sharing economy: a comparative study.