Field of work

  • Asset integrity management, risk, reliability, inspection, maintenance, condition monitoring. Development of maintenance management programs, risk-based inspection and maintenance programs, structural reliability, technical integrity of top sides equipment, fitness-for-service calculations, predictive maintenance.
  • Structural materials. Development of Portland and special cements using industrial wastes. High temperature behaviour of structural cements.
  • Material science. Corrosion engineering, structural materials science, process metallurgy.
  • Modelling and software. Development of probabilistic models, fuzzy logic models, interval analysis, new software development.
Courses taught

MAS119 Operation & Maintenance ​​​​​​​Engineering

MAS356 Bachelor Thesis

ING303 Systemtenking og innovasjon for ingeniørar

Research areas
  1. Asset integrity management
  2. Inspection & maintenance planning
  3. Condition monitoring
  4. Predictive Maintenance
Research groups

Cyber-physical Systems