PhD Candidate

Matthew Mark Coffay

Field of work

Matthew works at the intersection of business model innovation, open innovation, and sustainability. His PhD project aims to develop a suite of tools and techniques to help companies innovate on their business models, making them more open and sustainable.

Matthew is a Visting Student Researcher at the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley (2022). In Norway, he is affiliated with the research projects Responsible Innovation in the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry (SALMANSVAR) and SusOffAqua (Grønn plattform, Low Carbon Value Chain for Offshore Aquaculture), where he is working to set up Responsible Innovation Labs. These lab will bring together key stakeholders with the goal of facilitating open, responsible, sustainability-focused business model innovation. Before starting his PhD, Matthew worked as a marketing consultant for SMEs.

Recent publications and presentations:

Coffay, M., Coenen, L. (2021). Sustainable business model innovation: An ecosystem of tools. In Hoveskog, M., and Halila, F. (eds), Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on New Business Models: New Business Models in a Decade of Action: Sustainable, Evidence-based, Impactful. June 9-11, 2021. Halmstad: Halmstad University Press.

Coffay, M., Coenen, L., Tveterås, R. (2021). Responsible innovation labs: Forecasting and assessing sustainability impacts of new ventures. Presented at workshop for special issue of Journal of Cleaner Production: Forecasting and Assessing Sustainability Impacts, April 30, 2021.


Visiting Researcher (2022)
Haas School of Business, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation
​​​​​​​University of California Berkeley

PhD Business Model Innovation (RESINNREG) (2020-2023)
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

MA Philosophy (Ethics) (2018-2019)
University of Bergen

Chinese language (2012-2013)
Nanjing Normal University

BA Philosophy (2009-2012)
University of North Carolina Asheville

Research areas

Business model innovation

Sustainable business model innovation

Open innovation

Responsible research and innovation (RRI)

Design thinking

Design science

Offshore aquaculture