Field of work

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I am a researcher (but will always consider myself a student) interested in all science, and especially in these fields:

  • General relativity.

  • Quantum theory and statistical mechanics.

  • Continuum thermomechanics, including subfields such as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and particle mechanics.

  • Bayesian probability theory and decision theory, including machine learning and statistics, especially for medical applications.

  • Differential, convex, affine geometry and Peano spaces.

  • Formal logic and constructive (computable) analysis.

  • Quantization of Julio Iglesias.

  • History of science and epistemology.


Courses taught

Classical physics

Foundations of quantum theory and statistical mechanics

Foundations of relativity

Foundations of continuum thermomechanics

Bayesian probability theory and decision theory


Applied differential geometry

Research areas

General relativity

Quantum statistics and hidden-variable theories

Ocean modelling

Bayesian probability theory for inference in neuroscience and medicine

Research groups

Machine Learning group, Mohn Medical Imaging and Visualization Centre, Dept of Computer science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences