Vice-Dean for Research

Stig Erik Jakobsen

Field of work

Stig-Erik Jakobsen is a professor in innovation studies at the Mohn center for innovation and regional development (HVL). He is experienced with studies of innovation, entreprenurship, sustainable transition, regional development and innovation policy. Jakobsen has run several project founded by the Research Council of Norway, and have been partner in other projects. He has also conducted evaluations of innovation instruments and assessments of the knowledge foundation for the public research and innovation policy. At present he is associate editor for European Planning Studies (Routledge) and member of the editorial board of the Norwegian Journal of Geography. Jakobsen is also an adjunct professor at University of Bergen 

Courses taught




Research areas

Innovationprocesses, innovation systems, innvoation policy, sustainability transitions, industry clusters, regional industry development

Research groups

Responsible innovation and sustainability transitions

Selected publications