Associate Professor

Thomas Scheiber

Field of work

I'm program coordinator of the international semester program Geohazards and Climate Change and I'm teaching in the masterprogram Climate Change Management and the bachelor program Geology and Geohazards.

My research focuses on deformation of the Earth crust at different scales and how bedrock structures influence landscape evolution.

I am leader of the Landslides Research Group at HVL.


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  • Reiser, M.K., Scheiber, T., Fügenschuh, B. and U. Burger (2010): Hydrological Characterisation of Lake Obernberg, Brenner Pass Area, Tyrol. Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences 103, 43-57.

Courses taught

  • GE-488 Natural Hazards
  • GE-413 Cartography and GIS
  • GE4-306 Natural hazards in spatial planning
  • GE-491 Bachelor thesis in Geology
  • GE-482 Hydrogeology

Research areas

  • Crustal deformation
  • Rock slope instabilities
  • Fault zones
  • Collisional orogens