Virtual data lab

With the virtual data lab, you have access to HVL-licensed software for Windows anywhere, anytime.

HVL's virtual data lab (VLAB) is a service for our employees and students, aimed at providing HVL-licensed software. You can connect to it from your cabin, on the bus, or from your home office.

VLAB primarily utilizes OneDrive as its storage service. HVL's recommendation is to only store green or yellow data in OneDrive.

For more information about data types, click here.

Get started

Setting up Microsoft Remote Desktop


Open 'Remote Desktop' or 'Remote Desktop' application. Select 'Subscribe' or 'Abonner'.

Log in with or

Then select "FEIDE" as the login method.



Open Microsoft Remote Desktop. Select "Workspaces" and then "Add Workspace".

Enter "". Then select '"Add".

Next, log in with / Choose "Feide" as the login method.

Connect to the virtual data lab

Under 'HVL: Virtuell datalab' in Microsoft Remote Desktop, you will now see the virtual data labs you have access to. All employees and students should have access to 'VLAB' as shown in the illustration below. Double-click to connect. Log in as usual with or


Once connected, make sure you are logged into OneDrive to ensure your data is saved.