Are you writing a task or publishing your work, it is important that you have knowledge of what rules apply to copyright.

Copyright, is the right an author or creative artist has to his intellectual property. In Norway the intellectual property rights are protected by the Intellectual Property Rights Act.


What am I allowed to copy?

You are allowed to copy 15% of a book. Read more on the Kopinor's web pages.

What can I publish in Canvas?

You can - within the framework of the Kopinor-licence agreement - scan and publisch excerpts from books and articles to a limited extent.
However other regulations apply if the material you want to post is taken from digital subscriptions. You can not publish fulltext articles from Idunn, ast they are not covered by the Kopinor-licence agreement. The same applies to most other journal databases the library subscribes to.

NB! If the material you want to publish is defined as curriculum, it has to be approved through Kopinor's system BOLK

Contacts for BOLK in HVL:
Maria Lefdal Jenssen (Førde and Sogndal)
Irene Waage (Haugesund)
Lillian Olsen (Stord)
Mari Fredrikke Osen (Bergen)

You can add links from Canvas to articles/books in the databases (also payment databases)

You can make links to regulations on Lovdata.

You may post photos from the Internet if these are legally posted on an open web page.
This is regulated through the Kopinor-licence agreement.

HVL also has an agreement with BONO, that entitles you to digital use of works of art.

Can I use poems in my assignment?

Yes, but if you use a full poem or a larger part of a text, you will need permission from the author/publisher.

If the author died more than 70 years ago, you can quote freely.

Can I use images in my text?

Unlike short excerpts form other sources (goes under the right of citation), figures, photographies and art must usually be shown in its entirety. Permission must be obtained from the copyright owner.

When using images, there is need for a connection between text  and image.

You can not use a piece of art (photo/artwork) as a decoration or cover image as this will not be in context to the text.

HVL subscribes to the image database Britannica ImageQuest, which contains images you can freely use in your text.