Description of sessions

A short description of the various sessions

On the first day we are going to arrange various workshops. Most of them are related to testing out various space syntax software. Bring your laptop and try out the various softwares. The detailed descriptions of the software sessions will come later the 13SSS website.

We will have some excellent researcher presenting their work on the plenary session. In addition, we will have at the opening session a special session on Bill Hiller, the founder of Space Syntax. See program and descriptions of the various keynote speakers. The plenary sessions take place in the main building.

During the whole symposium we will run various parallel session where all the authors presenting their papers. This year we have a wide range of papers covering a wide range of topics. See detailed program (coming up at the end of May 2022). The parallel sessions take place in the K2 building, located opposite the main building.

At the poster session authors of various short papers will present their work in posters. Most of the posters are work in progress, and present new approaches on the application of space syntax in research or practice. The poster session takes place in the K2 building.

During the poster sessions, we are going to set up a table where you can ask all kinds of space syntax questions and hopefully get an answer on them. During the first days of the symposium, you can write your question on a board at the registration desk. It can be all kinds of questions. Then we set up a round table in a corner where we try to answer all of them. Space syntax experts are very welcome to provide answers. It can be everything from software, methodological, theoretical and conceptual related questions.

We will have two pub sessions, where one of them is to discuss a particular topic and one with a space syntax quiz. More info will come later. Picture: Mari-Louise Uldbæk Stephan

Choose between city walking tour, Mount Ulriken up, Mount Fløien up and Havråtunet. More information to come! Sign up for preferred activity at the registration desk on Tuesday and Wednesday.