Gianna Stavroulaki



Gianna Stavroulaki is a Docent / Associate professor in Spatial morphology. She is a senior researcher at the Spatial Morphology Group (SMoG) at the Division of Urban design and Planning at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. She conducts fundamental and applied research at urban and building scale. She uses advanced descriptive analytical methods and develops tools for spatial analysis, applied to modelling spatial form and understanding its relation to human social activities (e.g. patterns of co-presence, movement flows, patterns of use, spatial cultures). Since 2015, as part of the SMoG she focuses on tools to analyse the spatial form of the city and to model how its spatial structure relates to urban processes of social, economic and ecological nature. Before joining the SMoG, she was working as a freelance architect, consultant and researcher in Athens, collaborating with national universities of Greece (NTUA, Univ. of the Aegean). Since 2012 she was an invited lecturer at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens.