Kimon Krenz



Kimon Krenz is a Research Associate at the Bartlett School of Architecture and a member of the Space Syntax Laboratory at the University College London (UCL), United Kingdom, where he also obtained a PhD in Urban Space and Computation. In his research, Kimon uses computational methods to quantify and analyse the built environment to explain how space shapes human behaviour. He is interested in how we can use spatial data science methods to uncover social, economic and spatial inequalities and how this knowledge can inform evidence-based urban planning and policy-making. 

More recently, Kimon’s work is focused on the development of individual-level environmental indicators for the Connected Bradford programme–an anonymised whole population database linking primary, secondary, community and social care information for over 700,000 residents in Bradford. Kimon is utilising this data to shed light on the complex relationships between environmental factors and health and well-being outcomes, such as the role the food environment plays in childhood obesity. Kimon is the organiser of the international seminar series Space Syntax Lab Seminars. Before his academic career, he worked as an architect, urban planner and consultant for medium to large-scale urban development projects in Germany, which have been awarded several architecture prizes.