Guided tour in Bergen Kunsthall

Sunday 14 Juni. Guided tour in Bergen Kunsthall. We will meet the Sami-Norwegian artist and architect Joar Nango.
Nango’s works explore borders between architecture, design and visual arts. He is regarded as one of Norway's most interesting artists and has over the past decade developed an impressive interdisciplinary practice that touches on global high-level issues.

Joar Nango is artist, architect and co-founder of the collective FFB working with accidental architecture in urban environments. He questions indigenous identity through examining contradictions in modern architecture. In Sápmi he has studied of Sámi architecture. His work is often based on observed contradictions in contemporary architecture inspired by the informal building traditions in the north. Joar Nango has worked with schools and kindergartens and recently also with researchers in early childhood education. His works have been exhibited separately and joint in Europe, USA and Canada. In 2020 he is engaged by Bergen international festival as guest artist. 

Conference participants can meet the artist Sunday 14 of June in the exhibition area and will be offered a guided tour in the exhibition.

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