Presentation by Barbara Wasson

at Visual worlds of Education, Bergen June 8-10, 2021

Visualising Learning Data

Technology-rich learning environments mean new kinds of data are available for understanding learner behaviour and learning processes.  Learning Analytics (LA) is an emerging field of research that collects, stores, analyses, visualises, and acts on this data about learners and their learning environments. LA uses data visualisations to empower learners and teachers to, for example, self-reflect, make decisions about teaching, understanding learning processes and learning paths, choose learning resources, etc. Open Learner Models (OLMs) and Learning Analytics Dashboards are two approaches to providing visual access to learner data to support better understanding of learner behaviour and learning processes. In order to make use of these visualisations of learning data, learners and teachers need data literacy skills. This talk will introduce the field of learning analytics, visualising learning data, and data literacy using example from our own and others projects, and will reflect on the relationship between digitalisation, visualisation, and pedagogy.

The Speaker

Barbara Wasson, Director of the Centre for The Science of Learning and Technology (SLATE) is a full Professor in the Department of Information Science & Media Studies, University of Bergen. SLATE is a national R&D learning sciences centre on learning analytics, funded by the Ministry of Education and the University of Bergen. Wasson was one of the founders of Kaleidoscope, a European Network of Excellence on Technology Enhanced Learning, and is often used as and Expert Reviewer by the European Commission.  Wasson is leading/has lead several Norwegian national ICT and learning projects such as iComPAss (Inquire COMpetence for better Practice and ASSessment), TRANSFORM (Transformation of Production Learning Practice), DoCTA (Design and use of Collaborative Telelearning Artefacts) and Collogatories (on blogging), BITEIT (ICT-based assessment for the Ministry of Education) and has lead UiB's participation in numerous EU 5th, 6th, 7th framework and H2020 projects. Within the University of Bergen Wasson has been active in the promotion of ICT and learning and has been involved in a number of internal projects focused on the design or evaluation of the use of ICT in university education. Her current research interests include Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), ICT & learning, interaction design, computer support for collaborative learning (CSCL), mobile learning, learning games, artificial intelligence in education, e-assessment, teacher inquiry, learning analytics, pedagogical agents, and socio-cultural perspectives on learning.