NoRNet Digital

Welcome to the NoRNet Conference 2021 - as a digital participant!

This is you starting point for navigating in the digital conference program, and to find detailed information about how the different sessions are conducted. We also welcome you to check out the digital social venue of the conference - to socialize and discuss relevant topics - or just share a cup of coffee - with your collegaues all over the world.
We warmly welcome you and wish you a good digital conference experience!

Links Wednesday 6 October

Links Thursday 7 October

Socialize during the conference

Many conference participants find that break conversations and informal meetings are at least as important as the formal conference program. We therefore hope that you would like to try out the conference's social platform, Wonder.

We strongly recommend that you start by watching this short video to get an introduction to how it works:
Everything a Wonder Guest need to know

Now - simply click the button below, allow the browser to use your camera and microphone and join the room. Please identify yourself by your real name and drag your avatar on top of another to start a conversation, or on top of a circle with several members to join the conversation. One conversation circle accommodates 15 people at most, but htere can be planty of different circles in the room.

The social room of the conference is already open - and you are welcome to check it out right now, and to do some testing with a friend, family member or a colleague.

Questions about Wonder or struggelig to get it right?
Please contact 

Conduction of the plenary sessions

The plenary sessions will mainly be broadcasted digitally as a one way stream to a Zoom Webinar. The chairs and three of the keynote presenters will be physically present and do their performance in front of the physical audience. The digital participants are welcome to write questions and comments in the chat, and we encourage you to write them openly for everyone to see, as this may lead to different types of queries. A physically present chair will present questions and comments to the speaker, from both audiences. 

The presentation of keynote David Blustein will however be contucted as a two-way stream production, in a Zoom Meeting. David is doing his presentation digitally, and all digital participants are welcome to have the camera on during the session, but please stay muted. If you choose to have your camera on, David will be able to see you at a big screen located on the backwall of the room. After the presentation you may rise your hand - just like a physical participant - unmute yourself, and ask your question live. 

Conduction of parallel sessions

The parallel sessions will all be contucted as a two-way stream production, in a Zoom Meeting. At the most we operate with three parallel tracks, A, B and C. The different tracks have each their Zoom room (meeting) - and link. Session A has the same zoom-link thorughout all the three sessions, and so do B and C,  

Please stay muted when the presenter speaks. You can leave you camera off, but we encourage you to leave your camera on during the Q&A and discussion parts of the session. That way, you and the physical participants will participate on pretty equal terms, and you will be visible to the physical participants on a big screen.
This means that you can (given that your camera is on) rise your actual hand - not your Zoom-hand - if you would like to speak. (You are welcome to rise your Zoom-hand as well). When you speak, all the people present in the physical room - and on Zoom - will hear you. And you will be able to hear the physical participants due to room-microphones.

Based on this, we would like you not to use the chat for acemeic questions/comments during the parallel sessions, and instead encourage you to ask them orally and live. Technical/practical questions can be directed to the Zoom-technician in the chat.

Digital presenters will be able to share their presentation on their own in Zoom and in that way make it visible both to the digital and the physical audience. If you are a digital presenter you are welcome to send the presentation to the Zoom tecnicican so that we have a back-up in case of technical difficulties:

Session chair and a Zoom-technician will be present and provide the necessary technical support all the way throgh the session.