EALD Symposium 2023

It is a pleasure to invite you to the 12th International and Interdisciplinary Symposium of the European Academy of Land Use and Development (EALD) September 7-9, 2023.

The topic of this year is:

Land Use and Planning for Demographic and Technological Change

The symposium aims to focus on land use and development in the context of exogenous change, with a special emphasis on demographic and technological change, which currently seems to be accelerating in many jurisdictions throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

We also welcome contributions related to other forms of change, including social, political, economic andenvironmental change. We hope to encourage submissions that address land issues in the context of exogenous changes at different scales, ranging from work related to change and the impact of change at the individual, local or regional level, to work that addresses change nationally, in Europe,or beyond.

Local contact for the EALD symposium 2023:

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences