Keynote Speakers

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  • Daniel Catalan-Matamoros, PT, PhD, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain
  • Michel Probst, PT, PhD, Professor, Leuven University, Belgium
  • Camilla Wikstrøm-Grotell, PT, PhD, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland
  • Gunvor Gard, PT, PhD, Professor,Lund University and Luleå University, Sweden
  • Amanda Lundvik Gyllensten, PT, PhD, Associate professor, Lund University, Sweden
  • Lena Hedlund, PT, PhD, Associate professor, Lund University, Sweden
  • Louise Danielsson, PT, PhD, Angered Hospital, Gothenburgh and Section of Epidemiology and Social Medicine, Institute of Medicine, University of Gothenburgh, Sweden
  • Liv Inger Strand, PT, PhD, Professor, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Eva Langeland, PhD, Associate professor, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway.
  • Graziella Van den Bergh, PT, PhD, Associate professor, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
  • Liv Helvik Skjærven, PT, Professor in Physiotherapy, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway

There will be more invited speakers and guests/ institutions attending the event. 



Daniel Catalan-Matamoros, PT, MPH, MBA, PhD is currently an Associate Professor at the University Carlos III of Madrid.

His PhD examined the effectiveness of physiotherapy in mental health services, including an RCT on the application of Basic Body Awareness Therapy in people suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Daniel is the President of the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists in Mental Health and the Project leader for the 6th International Conference on Physiotherapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health which was organised in Madrid in 2016. Moreover, he gained a broad international professional experience in the public health field after his work in the World Health Organization, the Spanish Ministry of Health and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. He has also worked as an academic in the University of Jaen, University of Almería, University Carlos III of Madrid, and has been a visiting scholar at University of Murcia, University of Valencia and Bergen University College. Daniel has published several papers on mental health physiotherapy, health communication and public health services. He is also a member of the International Association of BBAT teachers.

Email:, Phone: +34 629338578

Professor Gunvor Gard, Lund University/ Luleå University of Technology. 

Gunnvor Gards research concerns mental and physical health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders in different contexts by interventions within primary health care, working life and school. I also  use  information and communication technology tools.The aim of her research is to improve mental and physical health, well-being and work ability. The interventions can be on different organizational levels.The content of the interventions may vary, but often contain efforts to improve individual resources and capacities and psychosocial working environment factors, with a focus on stress  and/or pain management, self-efficacy and physical activity promotion, she is very interested in combining activities to promote physical and mental health. She often use a behavior medicine approach by the use of cognitive principles.

Email:, Phone: +46 46 222 41 08

Camilla Wikström-Grotell, vice rector and head of Department at Arcada UAS in Helsinki, Finland.

Her research and publications are about evidence based practice and clinical guidelines in Physiotherapy (PT), health promotion and physical activity as well as theory development, health and movement in PT.

Email:, Phone: : +350 (0)50 3580938

Amanda Lundvik Gyllensten, RPT, PhD, Senior lecturer and Associate Professor. Department of Health Sciences, Research group Physiotherapy, Lund University, Sweden. 

Her education and research focus on different aspects of mental health, movement quality and physical activity. Patient empowerment and health in different patient groups can be enhanced using movements with focus on body awareness. How the Physical therapist can assess movement behavior and movement quality in a body function, activity and participation perspective are essential aspects that interest me both as an educator and in research. Interactional aspects of the body and non-verbal communication, focusing the relationship to both oneself and others are other features of her research.

Email:, Phone: +46 708309902

Daniel CatalanAssociate Professor Daniel Catalan

Gunnvor GardProfessor Gunnvor Gard

Camilla Grotell

Vice rector/Head of Department at Arcada UAS Camilla Wikström-Grotell

PT, PhD, Associate professor, Lund University, Amanda Lundvik Gyllensten