Guidelines for presentations

SANORD Conference 2021

Oral presentations: 

After more than one year with digital meetings, teaching and conferences we have all experienced digital fatigue. Therefore, we are organising for sessions and presentations that are rather short.

The standard timeslot for each presentation is 15 minutes. The moderator for each session can adjust accordingly given the composition of the session.
Each presenter will use the share screen option in Zoom to for their presentation. If you are not familiar with the function, our technical staff will be of assistance during the session.

As a precaution for you security please send us your presentation beforhand to
Deadline: September 1, 2021
Please upload your presentation (pdf or powerpoint) with your full name as title of the file and submission ID.

Poster sessions:

Posters can be prepared as pdf/power point in horisontal format, or short film clips (2 min).

Please send it to:
Deadline: September 1, 2021


Moderators are responsible for chairing the sessions. This includes paying attention to time for each participant, and to allow for comments and questions from the conference participants within the given time frame.
There will be technical staff from the local organisation committee in each session that will assist and manage if necessary. Moderators will share your presentation if you can't do it yourself.