05/12/23 - Nora Duggan (Stockholm University)

Title: "Cripping integration: the case of deaf migrants in Sweden"

This talk will be in IS with English and NTS interpretation.

Sweden can be considered as a highly bureaucratic country with a multitude of government agencies. Navigating the bureaucratic system can present challenges, especially for newly arrived deaf migrants who do not have the required linguistic skills. The presentation uses data from “The Multilingual Situation of Deaf Refugees in Sweden” research project, funded by the Swedish Research Council. The dataset comprises participant observations in four folk high schools along with interviews with deaf migrants, teachers and various government agencies. Employing crip theory, the presentation aims to shed light on the intricate challenges faced by deaf adult migrants in terms of linguistic integration. These includes the role of the interpreter and involvement of family members in the asylum interview process, as well as the dissemination of public information and the digitalization of public services.


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