Admission for single courses: PhD in Computer Science

Courses related to the PhD program in Computer Science are primarily for candidates who are admitted to the PhD program, but will also be open to other applicants.

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Courses offered Autumn 2024:


Søknadsweb opens 1st of May and closes 20th of August.

Admission requirements

Admission requires that the applicant holds a master's degree within the information and communication technology or computing fields, such as a master's degree in informatics, computer science, software engineering, communication systems, engineering computing, scientific computing, or computational engineering. Candidates from other natural sciences or engineering disciplines holding a master's degree with a strong emphasis on computing may also qualify for admission to the programme.


  1. PhD candidates from the Computer Science program
  2. PhD candidates who participate in other national PhD programs and will use the course as a part of the doctoral degree.
  3. PhD candidates at active cooperating institutions, for example as an external member of a HVL research group or externally funded project.

Required documentation

In order for your application to be processed, the following documentation must be uploaded:

  • Letter of admission to a PhD programme (if applicable) 
  • Master’s degree diploma including diploma supplement
  • Documentation that the course will be approved into your PhD programme
  • If applicable, confirmation that you are part of a cooperation institution with HVL.

Non-Norwegian applicants must also upload a copy of their passport.

Note that you must upload documentation even though you have previously applied for admission to HVL.

You are responsible for ensuring that we have the correct documentation for your application. You may be asked to present original documentation both during the admission process and during the study. Incorrect or misleading information may cause you to lose your right to complete your education.