Advanced personalized progression measurement in rehabilitation after stroke (Appirh)

The objective of the Appirh project is to facilitate patient and caregiver participation in rehabilitation in an engaging manner, with consideration for psychological, physical functioning, and other contextual factors.

This will be achieved by developing a digital twin and a feedback system, in which progress in mobility is visualized and made accessible to both the patient and the therapist.

Feedback, projected onto a digital twin depicting development over time, has the potential to enhance training motivation. Coupled with progression data on psychosocial aspects, this approach can lead to more targeted and individually tailored patient dialogues and shared decision-making, addressing the specific challenges and needs of each individual.

Crucial patient information will also be compiled into a patient profile, enabling various professionals to better coordinate their efforts across different institutions.

Over time, aggregated data will provide valuable insights into expected developmental trajectories and the effectiveness of interventions for specific patient groups. Digital twins, as highlighted by the Health Personnel Commission, are increasingly recognized as pivotal in advancing healthcare.

Key information: 

Funding: Førde Hospital Trust, Western Norway University of applied science
Project periode:
2023 -
Runar Tengel Hovland, Raquel Motzfeldt Tirach, Per Christian Engdal, Erik Kyrkjebø, Øystein Stavø Høvig, Jeanette Svarstad, Christian Moltu, Gro Rukan, Gizem Ates Venås, Mona Kristin Aaslund
Cristin: Advanced personalized progression measurement in rehabilitation after stroke (Appirh) (In norwegian).